I’ve been writing about how upset I am and how depressed I am. I mean right now my life is in a black hole and I can’t seem to find my way out. But let me tell you, I have the best friends and family and support system I could ever ask for. 

First off my sister, the second she found out she grabbed my niece and drove here and took time off of work to help me and be here for me. My parents both took over a week off to be here and help me with the kids and to be a support system. My grandma who has breathing problems(copd) has come over and helped, made food, picked up the kids when needed and has been a breath of fresh air. Will, who has had to deal with my mood swings and my constant crying and anger and everything , I appreciate you so much. 

Megan and Ann have taken turns coming over, sometimes at the same time, to spending the night. They have helped with the kids, fed me, helped me to the bathroom, etc. they went way beyond what they had to do in order to be here for and help me. 

Shaun, Matt, Aileen, and Lacey all have been over trying to cheer me up and messaging me and talking to me. Even if it’s a vent or to make me a tea to help with my body and junk food to make me smile. Or bringing over stuff to do facials and nails and to just try and put a smile on my face. 

Twin, you have messaged and sent video messages to me to check on me and just being yourself. You have kept it real with me and haven’t changed yourself towardse and I love you for that. Thank you ❤

Tiffany, my unicorn mermaid love. You have been amazing to me. You’re always amazing to me. You have checked on me, joked with me, and have been such a patient person with me. I love you. 

My tribe; the entire hippie bus, and my other loves who aren’t on the bus right now. Between sending energy my way, sending light and love. They drove from Florida all the way here just in case I needed anything. They drove here to be with me and to love me when I don’t feel lovable. They have messaged me and have opened their arms to me. Their hugs and love and light can make even the darkest day have a ray of light. Jeffery, your energy and love has helped in so many ways and has helped with this slow process we call healing. Thank you, I appreciate you, you are ‘beautiful’

I have family that isn’t blood but have shown me what true kindness is.Judy ,who has been one of my biggest rocks during this time. Sending stones to help with the pain. Maryjane, Amanda, Kacey, Cat, Alexis, Elizabeth, and the others who have shown my friends aren’t about who you talk to everyday but the ones who really step up during hardship. Thank you

Stephanie and mama Johnson, you both have calmed me during the worse part of my storm. I love you to enfinity. ❤

Megg, I can’t even say how much you have helped me. The messages, the posts, the love you have shown me. I owe so much to you. I love you more then words. 

Lissa, I can not even begin to say how much I love you. You don’t leave your house and have good reasons to. But for you to show up , especially without winde, and to hug me and sit by me and stay as long as you did… I can never put into words how much that helped me and how much it means to me. You check on me like every other day and I am eternally grateful and love you so so much. 

To everyone who has sent flowers, cards, messages, calls, and has swung by just to check on me. I am so eternally grateful. I know I did not list every single person who has reached out to me but I need you to know I am still here right now because of each of you. 

Before I start rambling and crying more I have to say thank you to the three most important people in my life. Telesforo, Taylinn, and Timothy. Without you three I would have already jumped in the hole to die. From Telesforo trying to feed me and talking to me to Taylinn holding my hand and trying to help me walk to Timothy hugging me and asking if I’m okay. You three are the light of life and I am blessed to be your mother. I do not deserve you three or your love. But I am a better me with it. 

So, this is my thank you to everyone who has been here and continue to be here. I love you all so so much. 


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