Pregnancy and infant loss awareness

Once upon a time there was a mother of three beautiful kids, at the time they where 1,4,and 7. The mother decided she had enough children because sadly she had had a few miscarriages and didn’t want to go through that pain again. So she had her tubes tied. Well, the mother started feeling sickly and decided to take a pregnancy test and it turned positive. So, she took another and another. She went to the doctors and it was true. She was pregnant. Weeks went by and she went to find out not only was she pregnant but she was pregnant was momo Twins. The mother about fell out of the chair. It turned out she would have identical twin boys. Her pregnancy was great and easy. She got to 36 weeks when she went into labor, but then problems arised. She ended up having the boys as stillborn. Feb. 24 2017 is their birthday. 
October 15 is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Every mother deserves to have their story heard. Every child deserves to be remembered. It’s such a taboo topic. We as mothers just want to talk about it.
The reason I’m writing you is because it’s almost the 15th and I believe my story, like other mother’s stories need to heard. Especially since it’s such a taboo topic. Thorin and Tristian are my twins that I carried to term and ended up having stillborn. It was unexpected but I love them and everyday my heart hurts not having them here.
We’re their voices and we’re trying to help not keep them.


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