3 years coming up

3 years

1095 days

26280 hours

15770000006 minutes

94610000000007 seconds

Since I’ve held you sweet boys, kissed you, smelled you, loved on you, sang to you , ran my hands through,Thorins, hair.

People say it gets easier in time. That the heart break gets numb or it stops hurting as much. I believe that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve heard. Every day I miss you, every holiday is hard, your birthdays are devastating. I should have two sweet toddlers running around tormenting their older siblings. Instead I cuddle an urn.

Instead Taylinn kisses my necklace goodnight.

Instead I cry on the floor trying to figure out why my body failed me.

Instead I take an urn outside for “fresh air”.

They say grief is a reflection of how much you loved someone…. I apparently love you boys so much that grief is an every day thing that’s not going away.

It’s an everyday struggle. I miss your chubby cheeks and your curly hair and your sweet toes and fingers. I miss you boys so much.

Thorin Geoffrey Dashwood Henry Seymon8:15 am 4 pounds 11 oz 20 inches
Tristan Emil Gary John Seymon8:25 am 4 pounds 3 oz 18 inches
Feb. 24th 2017
36 weeks

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